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         Equipment list:

  1. Liquid nitrogen  1 litre
  2. 1 test tube
  3. Thermal flask
  4. Thermocouple TCA-BTA
  5. Silica gel 50 grams
  6. Pressure sensor
  7. Datalogger
  8. Rubber bung
  9. Computer with data logger pro installed
  10. Pencil
  11. Log Book
  12. Dry Ice 500g
  13. Water at any temp 250l per testing


1.Put 50 grams of silica gel into the test tube.
2.Connect the pressure sensor and temperature sensor to the data logger.
3.Fill the thermal flask with water of any temperature.
      4.Place the thermocouple TCA BTA in the test tube.
      5.Close the test tube with rubber bung
      6.Connect the pressure sensor to the test tube.
      7.Place the test tube inside the Thermo flask.
      8.Wait 5 minutes for the reading of pressure and temperature.
      9.Write down the readings in the log book.
     10.Repeat the experiment starting from step 7 after changing the water to another temperature of             liquid nitrogen.
      11.Every 10 readings, record them into data logger pro app which helps you draw a graph like  this 


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